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Earthship Adventure

Before I was able to leave for this trip i had a major slew of shit storming my dimention. First my company was bought by Whole Foods so I was stuck in town till Thursday just to file 10 minutes of paperwork with them. Next up my friend Hosh, couldn't travel out there with me because he had more work to do for his company. Soooo I had to relearn how to drive his manual transmission Honda. Well, THAT was fun... ooooh yeeeeeah.
Now Friday April 25th 2014, I finally get to leave Sedona after 6 months of intense times ... just staying IN Sedona. EESH.

So after loading in my friend's tent, two sleeping bags, camera, (ooops sorry no photos on this folks, i wasn't feeling it), tobacco pouch and more I was off to Holbrook. I took some reasonable directions down on paper. Driving up and away from town was fun, and exhilarating. Winding up through the switchbacks toward Flagstaff. Then I stopped off at Macy's hoping to meet a new face while slurping Macchiato. Not so glamourous, but i enjoy the energies a bit more than Sedonians.

On the road again, smoking tobacco, and purging boredom, i drove 90 miles through Coconino to the Petrified Forest without any radio and still was mildly entertained with flat desert land views.
Holbrook: Quaint town on old RT 66, with tourists taking pictures of fake Wigwams, Safeway and some cafe's. I picked up a bottle of Cabernet, and two bottles of coconut water. I knew in just a bit I would be entering no man's land. I made an attempt to save myself from non-civilization without much water.

15 miles from Holbrook i reach Hutch Rd. Then you see miles and miles of flat land, sun-soaked earth, twisted pinyon pines, and scrub. I was told to find the Chevelon Canyon Ranches signs and then go follow the pink flags. So i get to the signs and see that the pink flags (temporary survey markings) are not marking off the kind of road that I was looking for, i thought. SO i drove and drove off far down Hutch road past many roaming cattle heards, and hoped. Finally after stopping to pee a bunch of times, and driving without really knowing where i was going, I turned back around to the Chevelon Canyon Ranches entrance. I got out of my car a few times to ask directions from strangers who were driving in. The second truck that stopped to help, happened to be a couple who knew where the Earthship build lot was, and had a detailed map of all the roads and lots. So we made a directions list backwards. Ek. They said they were out on the land scouting some property of their own so they could build Earthships as well. I asked the woman if I should head back to Holbrook to get more gas, but she said that I had come pretty far already. They were a super sweet pair... gave me two bottled waters and felt very compassionate to me. So I followed the rest of the road signs with intense anticipation and some confidence that i would actually find the ranch. However about a quarter tank later, I realized that I was driving into oblivion and kind of losing my mind. I was thoroughly excited about the street Arapaho Drive since i believe that it was the thoroughfare for the native spirits still...

I thought I was finally on the right road to the Earthship but i realized that it trailed off into a pile of rocks. I went back out to some familiar roads, and felt like leaving this territory entirely and turning around to reach Holbrook again. BUT i was thouroghly lost. I parked the car and tried to find a trailer where someone would be able to direct me. BUt i went crazy and started shouting for Jesus. I was being totally rediculous, and walked away from the car with out drinking enough water. The wind was blowing at 30 mph and drying out my mouth till i could taste the dirt and sand. So after getting somewhat close to the run-down abandoned trailer, i realized i had to find the closest sane person immediately. So after trying to follow the directions more, I opted to follow the driveway i kept seeing with the white mailbox at the end. I drove down the driveway and parked my car, I met a woman named Lynn who was in a trailer on the land. I said, while shaking "I'm so sorry I am lost!" She said with a very warm heart and smile well don't be sorry about that! Next I told her that I was there to find Ulysses and the Earthships. She said oh yeah i know him, and tried to find someone's number on her cellphone. She offered me a beer, and said i should relax for a while, and that it was taco night! She told me about Al her landlord, who lives in another trailer on the land and that he knows how to get out to the ranch, but that everyone meets up for taco night anyway. I said everyone? Lynn said the whole community is invited.

Clay shaping

Clay shaping.
Exploration with my hands … i found Mother Earth responding to every movement we give her. She is Elephantal… not Elemental…. she can hear through touch. If you are unconscious it doesn't matter. SHe knows all so omnipresently so omni omni omni om ni om knee foot hand foot palm wrist…
get my drift of dirt that i am from i have be come from her dirt drift.
there is only one Earth, and I am from her…
when you shape clay you unearth every secret you thought you could steal …. because she can feel every move you ever made …. since the beginning.

I can feel how you would feel through her because she will un peel you and reveal the secrets you thought you were keeping for your little ego.

I can feel how my hands feel if they were on you ,,, too…. what is hard what is choppy, I can feel what would soothe you.
I can feel what annoys you what bugs you
or i can twist you and burn you smoothly into a forced inhalation.
I can be choppy and unconscious or connected and rhythmic and confident.

Through clay i receive the information from the dirt and the water unending

( i enjoy being useful and of support in shaping and functional and in service to humanity ) so sculpting others … to me feels better in this timeline of my life … beyond making art for arts sake )

The clay gave me a lot of healing because it pulled out the pain. it allowed me to feel myself clearly. I explored freely all of the movement that my hands can give including what it means to add my body's weight to the strokes of my hands. I was able to feel how pressure adjustment would feel. What strokes would work and wouldn't work. I tried cross hands and turning fists in a full circle. I felt the different areas of my bones different shapes my hands can make. I felt and thought about what a body would interpret as a creative, healing, soothing, move versus a move that is strictly to apply pressure for pain relief.

Find the Massage book from the 70's that i had with the sun moon on it.

Hopi Land Winter Tour

I had the opportunity to travel with a young medicine man now named "Puma". We planned to go to the Hopi reservation on January 10th and 11th 2014. We headed out in the morning of the 10th and Puma told me that this trip would coincide with a dance on the reservation. Well, not only did I just "happen" to have a weekend off from my work which is "weird", but also lined up with the dance which I said to him usually only happens 4 times a year! Plus the trip coincided with a local group that would be coming in called Crossing Worlds which is a non-profit that donates clothes and food to elderly.

As we drove out of Sedona, Arizona I watched the early morning light around 8:30 am reflect off the rocks and back to me as deep orange and blue hues. We stayed on RT. 89 and stopped off at the natural springs that are on the way to Flagstaff. Puma said prayers over the waters. We were both excited to be out on the road. I felt more prepared for this journey than many others I had taken since I had both lodging, food, gift offerings, and my camera all set to go. We spent most of the drive sharing stories about our spiritual journeys, and the road trip that was 3 hours passed quickly. All of a sudden it seemed we needed directions to our first destination, but we hadn't decided if we were going to the Hotel or Grandmother Roanna's first. Just when we were in the midst of a decision, I realized that we were already in Polacca, where Roanna lives, and Puma had to literally swerve off onto the road i pointed at to make the turn off toward a visitors center.

What was to happen next was extremely questionable since Polacca seemed to keep a watchful eye on outsiders. Towering 300 feet above the Visitors center sat an ancient town, called Walpi that dates back to 900 A.D. I was definitely in awe with its majesty from below. The day was bright and clear with no clouds and barely any wind, which is rare out in Hopiland.

We parked the car and decided on our script that we would follow as we would ask a stranger inside this official building for directions to Roanna's house. The woman working inside asked us if we wanted to take a $20 tour of the village. I said well "We are a bit lost, and want to find a grandmother who lives in the town." I showed the woman with modern polished nails Roanna's business card which I was safekeeping inside a small zip-lock bag which contained a handfull of Hopi Blue Corn. ( I felt official and confident with this ) ( in tow - Puma and I must have looked like the Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo from the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas )
Once she saw my little fetishes she said, "Well Roanna used to give tours here, but she doesn't work for us any longer". But, then strangely enough she told us exactly how to find her house, told us what color it was, and then proceeded to draw us a map in Hopi-land fashion with Trees on it even though it was basically across the street from where we were. Then I felt something really come over me,,,, and thought "Damn, I guess that God is actually watching over us and this journey."
I just took a deep breath, a sigh of relief and said "Thank You" that's AWESOME!" As I watched her pointy long fingernails glide along with her pen and meticulously finished the map of highway 244, some homes, and the Tree!

Next we asked to use the restroom and got access in what seemed to be a building that could easily double as a guardwatch station. As I left the restroom I saw Puma ahead of me in his fringe moccassins, leap around the jagged hallways and saw his beaver tail pelt swing from his waist from wall to wall. He was playing with anticipation for the next stage.

We got in the car and drove across 244 and turned off onto a sand and dirt road that had massive pits and rills. We stopped by the pink house, but that wasn't Grandmothers'. So we tried the Grey house, and as I we both got out of the car, Grandmother runs outside at full speed saying "Hey are you looking for me?" I wasn't even sure if that was her since the last time I saw her she was wearing a white dress, red belt and glasses. Who I saw in my minds eye was the shortest, spunkiest, old woman with long hair, with some braids pulled back, and a Nike sweatshirt in a blur... , but then I realized ,,, Well, who else could it be. Then I responded "Well yes! I am looking for YOU Roanna!" Wow! Her exuberance was contagious.

She said "Come in! Come in!" so we spent a few minutes in the house. It was heated so warmly with an old stove that I was too warm to wear my jacket. Her son Phillip was sitting and painting a wooden box in the corner. We talked for a bit, and then she excitedly took us around to the back of the house, and showed us her outdoor kiln set-up which consisted of a pile of rocks and a roaring fire. She said she was firing her clay pots and then pointed to a bucket filled with sheep dung. In a blatent and honest manner she said that even though they are made of sheeps' dung that they "make money!". I picked up the sheeps' dung as she too was holding one and showed it to us. Me and Puma looked at each other as though perhaps it would make us feel dirty or something, but I picked it up anyway. It just looked like a solid chunk of ashes. I just stood in awe of the scene I was inhabiting which was a mystical grove of desert, that was Grandmothers'. She seemed to hold a dear secret here in a corral of sand, dirt, some pallets, and a roaring fire with rocks and some holy sheeps dung pottery. The next thing that happened was she said "Well we have a lot to do today as it was about 12:30pm! We went back inside, and she said "Give me just a minute while I change my clothes." She came out in with a big backpack almost the size of her body. We jumped back into the car and she said we'd go out and look at the rock art. Off we went about 30 minutes away. On the way she pointed out an old water well-spring that the Hopi still use to harvest water. She said it is really a spiral of stones that you follow down into it. Then later down the road she pointed out the Hopi Cultural Center where we would be staying later in the evening. Also as Puma drove she took out a little sandwich bag full of Osha Roots and talked about it being good to use for protection, that you can rub it on your body and also just chew on little pieces of it for medicine. She handed us both a little twig of it. She also gave us little sandwich bags full of corn pollen to pray with.

We drove down the main highways and then off down a dirt road for about 20 minutes. As we drove along the dirt road and watched a few miles of rock towering around us and clear blue sky, I just watched the rocks and tried to see what Grandmother sees in her perception. As we passed the rock cliffs she talked about how the cliffs make altars. When we got to the cave paintings she showed us how far along they stretch, and pointed to male and female symbology groupings. She spoke of the area and then told us that we could go to the drawings or rocks that call to us. She said "the rocks are already calling you!" I went off in a direction where I could have some isolation and sat in some sand. Then as I sat quietly, bees came and buzzed around me. I figured that I was supposed to interpret this as a sign to stay focused on my creativity. I didn't feel like meditating because i felt a lot of fatigue from my busy lifestyle. After about 10 minutes, i came out of my secluded spot and met up with Puma. He said he was going to "do ceremony". So I grabbed my camera and we headed up into the space between the rocks that went up behind the area that was supposed to represent the masculine energy. He began to pray and set up a little altar with a shell, sage, tobacco and his flute. He prayed to God and the four directions. I quietly observed and took photos. After he said some prayers he played flute and it was beautiful!
When we came down from the rocks, ( Rowanna had been sitting on the rocks below us) she got up and said "So you had some meditations? Puma said "yeah". Then Puma, gave her a her very own pouch of tobacco. He was so respectful and presented it to her with a very beautiful bow placed the pouch in her hands slowly and with intent. Next, I remembered to get my gift for Rowanna out of the car. It was 3 small bundles of sage that i had sewn up myself. She was very happy with it. She couldn't wait to break the plastic container apart that i gave her. Then when she got it open she said, "Do you want a pinch?" I said "Yes!" She and I prayed into the sun. As I prayed with little pieces of sage in my fist, up at the sun, mainly giving thanks for the day and all for the journey, I let the sage go into the wind with a shake. As the sage blew off into the sun and equally strong gust of wind took the sage up and a spirit wind blew around my ankles and then swirled with one of the purest holy winds i have ever felt. It was a sweeping wind, that knew just how to swirl up and clean my aura from my feet up to my head!

After we prayed at the "Rock Art" area I was so exhausted from my life and journeys and the power of that healing center that I passed out in the back seat and went into a heavy dream state. At some point when I woke back up, I felt as though I processed through a lot of energy and then felt a good enough mental recharge to keep up with Roanna's pace! She gave us the option to visit her old village or stop over at Prophecy rock or Old Oraibi. (As Grandmother says, It is pronounced Oray Bee) We chose both. So next up we went to Old Oraibi which is the oldest continuously inhabited settlements in the USA. As soon as we got out of the car we were followed by a beautiful brown husky dog with brown eyes. I was amazed at how rich the souls of the dogs on the reservation are. The dogs up here seem like they are enjoying a special kind of freedom, where they are communal with other dogs. Grandmother took us in a circle around the village which she said has no electricity. A man quickly came out and offered for us to come to his home and check out his hand-painted rattles. We went to the home and saw his work as well as the carvings that his mother makes.

Next stop was Prophecy Rock. Prophecy Rock as Grandmother said was discovered by the Hopi in their meditations. It is a large stone with a big flat front side with a drawing carved into it. When we arrived Roanna said a prayer in front of the rock. On the rock there is a basic story that can get easily misinterpreted, however the way i understand it is that there are two basic paths that humanity can follow. One line depicts a lower nature for humanity which is a false path and leads you to destruction. The other line that continues around the face front of the rock and around the side lines up with the sunrise, represents the path of the guided, which based in a relationship with the Creator. There is a great link here to a site, where I think the interpretation is the best.

After we saw Prophecy Rock and Grandmother carefully pointed her finger around the side of the rock showing where the right path lines up with the Sun, we went to another carving that depicts their symbol for the cloud people. She said she would sing to us the song of the Eagle. After she sang for us I felt an opening in the back of my heart chakra, and felt that her song had healed me in some way.

Again we piled into the car and headed back to Roanna's. After we dropped her off we stayed for a little while in her warm home. Then we went off to the Hopi Cultural Center which is a Hotel and Restaurant. We got our key and as it had said in my e-mail, we "happened" to get room 108 which is a number I work with as I chant Tara mantra's on my mala, which has 108 beads. We checked in and had dinner, and I continued to give Puma all the downloads on how to do medicine wheel ceremonies. I often think how is it that I am so freely giving out this information, but I feel that it is better to give it out than not, because in my experience with the wheels it is only Spirit that is truly the driving force of all things. If someone's intent or action is not true to its plan it won't happen anyway. If you are aligned with its plan, which is the highest Truth, then it will meet you at every step of your intent for co-creation. Puma is training to be a "ceremonialist" with many spiritual leaders including Uqualla at this time. I felt that he very well could bring strong medicine through the medicine wheel practice, which then will be a great healing tool for others and the Earth.

The next morning I couldn't resist going back to the restaurant for something with eggs and toast! So we had omelettes and toast. At 8:45 we made it back to Roanna's and had some coffee with her before heading up into Walpi to watch the Buffalo dances. She warned us of all the people we may meet that would be selling their art and might try to persuade us to go to their homes.

We watched many of the dances in the morning until the sun got so hot I had to take off all my jackets and scarves. The Buffalo dance is done to call in the Snow so that they will have enough rains to plant their crops in the Spring. We went into the plaza and stood along a wall where there were benches built into them. Obviously they homes were built with ceremony in mind. The Drums sounded in unison with a deep roaring bass and the Men marched as a group out from the area where the Kiva was. The dancers came up the ladders out of the Kivas. All of the women were in a group behind them. There were 2 male dancers in each group throughout the day who wear huge Buffalo pelts on their heads, and are wearing large heavy necklaces of solid Turquoise. There were 3 women in each group who were in beautiful colored quilted dresses and moccasin boots. All the dancers wore ceremonial make-up on their faces and the Buffalo dancers had white make-up on their arms and legs which included a white polka doted motif on a sienna brown wash. The group of men drumming and singing was at least 30 people deep. The dancers danced with their feet coming high up to a 90 degree angle and landing on each pounding beat. We sat their stone-like as visitors, playing our part out of respect, yet the modern world kept pulling me out. Many of the Hopi were holding up cameras, phones, and I-pads to capture the moments. All the dancers were twirling around and holding large cedar branches, Grandmothers came up and shoved handfuls of cash into the young girls hands. Gallon plastic tupperware bins were brought out as gifts to the girls as well. The items were danced over by the participants and then they were carried off by many mothers.

After we tired of the ceremonies and Puma spotted a large Red-Tailed Hawk flying gracefully through the clear blue sky, we headed out for some quiet time again. We walked to the car and sat back to back on the stone cliff overlooking the entire universe. After drinking some water and eating apples, we headed back out to the Sacred Rock Art where we were yesterday with Roanna. When we arrived I got very anxious, because yet again , I was extremely exhausted and It was time for "my" photo session. I felt my emotions flooding my consciousness, but we did the shoot anyway.

Ahhh when it was over, Puma presented me with a Hawk feather ... thank God... keep bringing me my messages!

Hey all, I have a new website called where new photos of this journey will be posted soon. Thanks for reading... this post was incredibly difficult to capture, so thanks~ Serpentbird Tribemaker.

Hopi Grandmother Roanna

October 27th was an extremely powerful day. First though, I need to begin with the eve of the 26th. My housemate and friend Rita White, fashion designer and inventor, was describing new layers and levels to her current manifestation rituals. She asked me to help her with a candle ritual to manifest money. I told her to purchase a "green" candle. Within a few hours of sharing past manifestation stories and results,,, we had come up with a power Feng Shui corner (actually dedicated for her handwritten prayer to manifest) that was pretty rockin'. Soooo I had suggested the green candle as well as help her design the power symbol,"infinity" into the corner table display by looping her handmade scarf into the shape of an "eight".

My only intention for the 27th was to finally find a ride to the Red Rock State Park to see Roanna. I had previously asked at least 15 people prior to the 27th. My day went as follows...
Woke up at 5am, got ready for work. Did some gratitude prayers and chanting. Arrive at work. Within the first hour I was getting many approvals from bosses about how I was doing a great job setting the deli case. (new job) Then, twenty minutes after the store opened, I waited on Happy Oasis.
She and her beloved were coming into the store to buy wheatgrass juices and do their promoting for upcoming lectures by renowned doctor Brian Clement. But this was not just a typical run-in with a local changemaker and event promoter. The synchronicities happening in my life were happening in such a sequence that I just felt as if I was actually living in a dream I never could believe would become a reality.
She asked me can "we order a drink here?" AND... there was no delegated juice bar person available,,, so then ummmm it was "me"! Then she is telling me about the benefits of ordering the wheatgrass shot separate from the veggie juice; in this case the Tijuana Iguana. I said "good to know". When we got to the finite details of the order, I had to ask her name. I thought this was Happy but had to ask to be sure. She said Happy and I said "Oh yeah, You are Happy Oasis." YES!
Then she said, and who are you! So just like in my dream, in this case dream/waking life, I say if you look at the back of my name tag you will read my Spirit name. I proceeded to pull out the tag that was hanging around my neck and place it flush against the metallic deli case to display it with pride. She says, Serpentbird Tribemaker. Wow! And I say somewhere in all of this excitement that I had been to the Raw Spirit festival in Sedona in 2008 and now I live here. We yam it up a bit more and then I proclaim in a sort of bitter but soft activist voice... "I was a volunteer". Her eyes rolled back slightly, because, well perhaps she should have known that such a Serpentbird was not only in attendance at her festival; but a part of the backbone, of the operation.
She tells me that they have many events coming up with Brian Clement and such, and then says well, maybe you could volunteer. Her partner chimes in that there is no more availability for volunteers. Later she runs over to another part of the store and scoops up the flyers about the upcoming events she is organising and tells me her number is on them AND to call her. Hmmm my day just beginning and already in paradise.

Later, my friend William comes into the store. He is flying around the salad bar and quickly selecting his lunch. I notice that he is happier and lighter. I ask him if he has landed his job yet, and he said yes. He goes on to tell me he has a job working for Oolee and will be wrapping up sacred chocolates all day. I said, Maaaaaan THAT is awesome!
Then I said, "Hey do you mind giving me a ride to Red Rock State Park anytime after 1 pm today and he immediately says "Yeah, I can do that." DAMN ... I am thinking... Jesus and Hallelujah.

Next I am looking momentarily at the company community bulletin board, to discover that there is someone who is willing to rent out their van on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, if you just call the number. I am NOW thinking... that this ritual not only worked, but it made my experience feel as if there was no way that Spirit would let me down in terms of finding a solution to my lack of transportation to see the Hopi grandmother.

1:15pm ... I finally run with my backpack to the timeclock, a bit worried that William had left me. I get to the tables where he said he would be and he was there .... wheeew!
He introduces me to his friend and they're discussing a way for me to get out of the park fee at the loop, by saying I know Tina down by the trailer park at 55.
I'm still thinking ... I am going to get into the park just fine,,, but here is this man trying to organize the universe for me anyway.
So William and I head out to the gas station, and I pay for $6 in gas. Then I buy a package of Bugler tobacco with the quarters in the zipper side of my purse. I get dropped off at the loop where the Ranger guard station was, and we explain that I am going to walk in so I should only have to pay 3.00 to get in after William turns around. The ranger looks half-way convinced but we shoved the three dollar bills at him and he is fine with it. I get out of the red ford pick-up and head not even 200 feet toward the road to the upper parking lot where the teach-in would be, and these ladies, ask me if I want a ride in their spanking new "on-star" equipped mini-van. I said, "yes, THank you!"

Now for the real challenge. I was supposed to have called in and registered my measly $5 bucks to pre-register on the phone, but I didn't even have a ride to get there, so I hadn't called it in. I found up that the 2pm talk was sold out, but "SERPENTBIRD" "WENT" "ANYWAY". I get to the very white-washed credit card/pre-paid room where the lecture would be, and find a nice woman ranger at the "gate".
She said, did you sign up? I said, "YES!" So then I wait for her to scan the list, and there to her surprise and confusion, I was not on the list atop clipboard and black ink. So she said, "Hmm well, Um (in a cheery with anticipation voice) can you look and see if you are on there?" I said, Okay um well I do see one woman's name is on there twice but I am not on there. She bowed her head down as if to avoid a minor capitalist infraction from her superiors, said, "It's alright, just go in."

I went in and sat down in the tiny indoor amphitheater and wrote a letter of gratitude to the Grandmother for coming and sharing her wisdom. I wrapped the tobacco and ten dollars in the paper and put it in the glass donation jar down at the stage area down the stairs. I am in awe at a slideshow playing; of at least 20 stunning still photos of sacred ceremonies that were being shown on a big screen inside the theater. Feathers, body paint, small brick and sand buildings, elders, children, the mesas, the sunsets. There is a table down in the front as well with handmade grass bowls and cornmeal, and other herbs. The Ranger comes in and introduces Grandmother. He says in a very respectful and moved tone, that she had spent a lot of time preparing for the talk and that it is very harsh "up there" on the mesa. I knew exactly what he meant. He was saying that she made a lot of effort to then still come and do the talk at such a low cost and mentioned the donation jar.

Soon Roanna entered and she began thanking us for the first five minutes. {"Thank You" (as another wonderful elder "Firedancer" taught me,) is prayer.} She thanks us in a way as to describe that we are at this lecture to; remember who we are! She says that humanity has forgotten who they are and what they are here to do. She says we all have a job to fulfill and we all have to do our part. Her words were simple but she gave everything power. She says that she knows what her job is and that she is very traditional.

She was wearing an all white cotton dress and a predominantly red designed handmade/traditional woven belt. She says that she felt like she got a welcome from us like she was a movie star or something. She says "I am Roanna, and I am from the Sand Clan which represents the land or "our" foundation. There was power in everything she said. Even if the word was simple, it had weight which then drove the depth and meaning. She said a prayer then for a few minutes in her native Hopi language to us all, and of course we were already in awe and silent. She said that the Hopi's pray for ALL of humanity and that their prayers protect ALL of humanity.
Next she described that she had many items on the table to share with us. Her hands kept going into the corn pollen bowl. She says that Corn Pollen is the purification of all presence. She said that the Hopi's are made of corn. The corn is small, "like her". She laughs and says "I am small, and "we" Hopi's are short just like the "short" corn." She holds up a piece of short corn with a stalk at the end in her little hand. She says that the corn pollen is sacred and it is used in ceremony and healing for protection. She said that the pollen is ground up with their hands and that it is so powerful that it can heal your heart. She said, that she knows her job, and that all that come to her, she will pray for them with the pollen and heal their heart. Even though she is small, Little Rowenna is small, she can use the pollen and her faith in her prayer to heal people. Corn Pollen she says is the opening of our prayer; it opens our path. She said they have 4 colors of corn to represent all of humanity. One of the varieties is "spackle" corn which represents all of the races. When it is put in a bowl (which also represents the circle of life) then it is also representative of all of us coming together. They use White and Blue corn in their ceremonies. The White represents feminine and the Blue represents masculine. In ceremony White is representative of their presence here today and Blue is the connection to travel of the deceased. White Corn Powder is a blessing of regression. They put the powder on their faces in the ceremony to receive that blessing of regression. I can imagine it would give you insight into your past incarnations and help you "see" beyond what you know of yourself in this life.

She then introduces the paper thin rolls on the table called Piki Bread, which she pronounces as "pee kee"!. (So cute!) Roanna says it is 1000 year old bread. It is a paper thin bread that is made with nothing but find ground Blue Corn, Hot Stone slabs and a Womans' bare hands. She goes on saying that it is such an important craft in their tradition because it is where they gain so much of their wisdom. I could imagine the bonding that women must find in participating in this sacred act. They are very connected to their food because they grow it themselves without irrigation. To plant a small blue corn seed in the desert is truly creating their own people. They meld that with the act of prayer, to all of the rain spirits and thunderbeings.

She showed us a long grassy implement and says, "We use the broom for cleansing!" The way she held the thin grass "tool" in between her fingers and held it at different angles to with her sharp intent to express its power was amazing. It was just a bundle of grasses! She swept over her arms and face and said that in ceremony you can not touch yourself, so you use this tool to do that. She said, a broom cleans everything! She said they use the boom to comb their hair and then spoke at length about her role raising her sons and daughter. She said that there were some generations of Hopi that were not taught the traditions, and there are many that don't want to learn. She said that is okay... they will reach a "dead end" and come right back. We are always making a circle. She said she asks why her sons want to cut their hair, and said that this is like cutting off their wisdom. The hair connects you to the earth and gives you wisdom. Roanna has beautiful silver hair down to her waist.

Then she went back to describing the corn in another bowl which she said is made of yucca and is a spiral to represent the universe and also a navel which represents the beginning. She described 3 kinds of teas that she had prepared for us to sample after the talk. Juniper, Hoo Hoosie (Hopi Tea), and Osha. Juniper is for medicine and smudge and tea which can be used to cleanse you internally or externally. Hoo Hoosie which is boiled and made into a tea for cleansing, and Osha is a meditation root from under the Universe. It smells good and is used to protect their circles for ceremony. I tried Osha root tea that she had in the carafe and it was sooo tasty!

Next she said that we have to have faith and believe in ourselves and begins to tell us more about how she has "stepped up" more into her purpose. She said that most women elders in her tradition do not travel with Eagle feathers; they travel with corn. In her life though she has been initiated by her clan to carry this medicine. She showed us three Eagle feathers bound with leather. Eagle feathers are the Father of our prayer. Eagle touches the Sun; Wings feathers are representative of masculine and the Tips of the feathers represent the top of the head or feminine principle. The Eagle Staff represents "you" as an individual and you become a warrior. She said that Eagles who land in their reservation are all given special names and are given special ceremonies before they are released. Eagles and Red Tail Hawks protect the land. Then she says that her Spirit name given to her means Red Tail Hawk and that people call her Mother Earth.
She describes that when Hopi go gaming for Elk and Deer that Corn is always involved. Corn is used to recognize all of the elements and that it is the "eye of humaninty". She said that some of the villages in Hopi land are still working with snakes and that snakes are also guardians of the universe.

Roanna says "be strong within yourself". "help yourself in order to help others" We are in a constant blessing every day of our life. She said that she is up every day at 4 am and in bed at 2am, there is no time to rest for the women!

She is a carver of Kachina dolls and a potter. Other words of wisdom; "If you hesitate you won't learn" We are hesitant to one another." "When you come to Hopiland everything is a mirror. You look around and you see yourself."

Next she sang us a Deer Song with her drum, and yet again explains that most women don't play the drum in her culture but she has had the authority given to her. She said that all the Hopi practice is given through the mother, the learning is given through the Uncle and Fathers stay in "their" mothers' clan.

At the end of the talk she opened up the floor for questions. I asked the question that would press the buttons of course. First I said that the question was a difficult one to formulate. If Corn is the central element in their practice, and our world environment is threatened by what is happening with the worlds food supply of corn, then what "ideas" do the Hopi have in what this mean for "us" Spiritually?
She says that the Hopi's are protecting this cycle (the 5th cycle) and using their prayers for all of humanity. She looked straight at me the whole time with piercing integrity. "WE" are the change ... so the Hopi don't SPEAK of prophecy because if they speak it then IT WILL HAPPEN!

I am so grateful to have met Roanna, because she had so much to share from her heart. She has a lot of exuberance for life and energy too! I am invited to visit her and eat at her place in Hopi land... so for all of you... be continued. -SERPENTBIRD of

I want to let my readers know that the time coming on the Winter Solstice this year, I have been preparing for since 2008. And yet I hesitate to say that because it really began the day my friend Jay gave me a copy of the book the MAYAN FACTOR the Path Beyond Technology by Jose Arguelles, circa 2003. Jose and his factor blew my mind. This was a cosmic book, not a book for hardcore religious types. It hit me like a thunderbolt and absorbed some of my loneliness at the same time. I finally felt so much closer to the workings of the galaxy telling me that my failure as a graphic designer wasn't going to be such a big deal after all. Essentially the knowledge I gained from the book helped me to feel that our future would involve a wiping away of the technocracy matrixes that we have chosen to live in. These structures would be replaced as a result of a cosmic shift, a solar age, and birth a greater unity consciousness.

It was circa 2003, that I was living among artists and activists. I felt like I belonged in the community, but still felt that there was confusion and separation amongst us. There was a spirit of revolution around me though. The times called for protest actions in the streets at the onset of the Iraq war. So right then, as I was using my room in the shared house as a portal for transformation through cosmic study, and meditation of all kinds. The world around me seemed to be proof that our future is unstable and the matrix surely will crumble. The question for me was when? The feeling I had, was IT CAN"T COME SOON ENOUGH! So then again, I felt alone, because how many people know that the Sun is going to perhaps knock out our electricity and that (as Jose said), would make us reinvent our technology.

Now it has been 9 years since 2003, and I am still waiting for the collapse. You may ask why would I want the structure to crumble? It is because we have so much separation in this world. I have experienced so much loneliness on this planet, because I feel so deeply in my emotions. I am a Shamanka-Pisces. In being "her" the gift of feeling deeply there is a price to pay. It means being empathic and feeling all the world's pain. To me it is so simple, you see, because we fear in these times to even borrow a cup of sugar from our neighbor. I don't even speak to my own sister. There is an overemphasis on being "somebody" and being a materialist on Earth. This is not only destroying our opportunity to connect on a heart level with other humans, but is destroying the "being" we walk on. I have been waiting for a return to nature. I have been waiting for a return to group love, and wholeness of spirit. I believe it can not happen without a kind of divine intervention. This divine intervention has already been predicted by the Mayan civilization. So imagine me reading the Mayan Factor, and carrying a vision that it seems everyone and no one is holding. Something so intangible and invisible yet something so obvious and necessary for the possiblilty that humanity will ever survive without?

So they say that there are "starseeds" who are guardians of the Earth. They are willing to protect it and at the same time spread their "seed", which is their contribution of uplifting humanity to a higher consciousness. This is what many call "ascention". (I call it FREEDOM!) It has taken me so many re-workings of my core belief systems to take on these names, like shaman or starseed. I can tell you now, that when I look out into reality anymore I don't see what others around me see. I actually see with laughter. I see with a trickster's eyes. I laugh at it ALL, because there is no where I would rather be than in my vision of the future.

AND the reason why I have urged you to read this blog is to know of my dedication to making this vision a reality for "US". I trust that this vision is solid and knowing. It means that I am dedicated to seeding peace and cooperation and more. BUT for NOW...back to the vision of the MAYA's.

Jose Arguelles spent 33 years trying to uncover prophecy. In his process he realized that he WAS prophecy. He became utterly dedicated to the mission of decoding the message of Pacal Votan. This message has to do with the laws of time and time frequencies. The law of 12:60 and the law of 13:20. These keys mean the difference between the Gregorian law of lime and our 12 month calendar and the Galactic Time and a 13 moon calendar system. (He also created a new law called time = art.) The difference between the two laws, is the difference between our "Techno-crazy" and the return to Nature. The next paragraph is an excerpt from the book.

Our research into, and experience of, living the Mayan timing cycles prepared us to immediately grasp the profound error of mechanical time. Based on the division of a circle in space into twelve parts, the mechanical clock had the same root as the twelve month Gregorian Calendar, where the priests of the calends substituted a division of space for a measure of time and created the first twelve-month calendar.
It was totally obvious to us that the institutionalization of this error in time, compounded over millennia, was now plunging humanity headlong into a biospheric catastrophe. It was obvious to us that only humanity is following this erroneous artificial timing frequency, 12:60, and only humanity, through use of an artificial medium, money, and the ruthless philosophy of time is money is trashing the planet and refusing to own or take responsibility for it. The immediate solution was to return to a natural timing frequency. Step one: change calendars, replace the illogical Gregorian with the biologically accurate calendar of thirteen moons, 28 days per moon. The calendar change would fulfill the Harmonic Convergence prophecy with said that there would be a new age, but only by leaving the civiliation of materialism and returning to nature- first by returning to the natural timing frequency coded into the Thirteen Moon Calendar.

So how do "We" establish these new laws of time? Well unfortunately Jose Arguelles past away last year, but his group still has a site called the
Directly from the "Argüelles believed that the closing of the Great Cycle marked the entry point of the passage of the entire galaxy into an inconceivable stage of harmonic synchronization, creating a shift in the patterns that ultimately affect our relationship to ourselves and the universe. He believed that 2013 would be the time of real magic; a time of integration and stabilization at a higher level of consciousness when humans would “test drive” their newly awakened powers. He believed that humans were meant to become living oracles with the capacity of divination – to know all through mind; to tune into and resonate with all levels of being."

And as far as my understanding goes, it is "time" for us to make our own prophecies! Which takes me to the next point! I had recieved a message from spirit early in 2009 while going through a depression. I asked for guidance while I was living at a place called "the bog" which happened to be the place where I had originally had so many art and activist friends back in 2003.
I held a can of pepsi to my lips, got a huge sugar high and ask for help with a paintbrush in hand. I got an answer. This was to paint the "Serpent bird" over and over again. It was simple and profound as prophecies go. And so I spent a few hours painting birds with serpent bodies, until I felt one would capture the senses. My intent was to create a logo and a new persona that would last. I wanted to develop a persona, that would be able to help people decipher the times we are living in. Someone or something that could mutate, and transform without notice. Someone or something that could move in a variety of ways. A God, and A Goddess.
But this persona, of the Serpentbird, was really just more of the messages we are all getting. I was to make it more visible. More exposure, more excitement, and more joy. It's all part of the cosmic plan. I simply demanded an answer as to how I can more FULLY participate in the dance toward enlightenment.
I wanted to actually know....what WAS going to happen on the winter solstice 2012, and WHO IS QUETZALQUOTL? The plumed serpent?

I can tell you that the answers I had found through research seemed insufficient. I found out that yes there is a real bird that lives in Guatamala and Costa Rica that is called quetzal. Today this colorful bird endangered to trade and deforestation. The Quetzal was very important to the Indians of ancient Mexico and Central America. The quetzal cannot live in captivity so, the Quetzal became a symbol of freedom and liberty. The Quetzals great green feathers symbolized fertility. Only nobles and priests could wear Quetzal feathers. Anyone else who wore them or killed a Quetzal would be put to death! The Quetzal is also related to Quetzalcoatl, who is the Mexican wind god and cultural hero. His name comes from the Nahuatl quetzalli meaning tail feather, like the long tail feather of the Quetzal. The Quetzal his royal bird, symbolized the cloud. In modern days, the country of Guatemala declared the Quetzal its national bird because of its beauty and symbol of freedom. It has also named its national currency, the Quetzal.

NOW Go ahead and ask me these two questions...
How do we tap into the Spirit of Quetzalquotl?
Is this God going to return?
I believe that we can tap into the spirit of Quezalquotl by being open to our own cosmic source and by using humility to approach him. If you can tap into your immagination and envision a bright future where people can live in harmony with the Earth, then I'd say you are on the right channel.
We have been preparing through Yoga and meditation, and crystals. Now we must receive the transmission of light that is going to come from the galactic center on the Solstice. I believe if we claim our "time" as a time "out of time" and celebrate the true and realized self within you, we can make a shift in consciousness. We must take time to feel ourselves, our bodies and see with wild immagination and harness our natural abilities by expanding. For some this means giving yourself full permission to "legalize" your own freedom. It means fully trusting your inner guidance and wisdom. It is a tricky illusion we are dealing with. My message is DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE FEAR. We are connected already. The cities are burning, but we are the real fuel and the real gold. See through the MAYA. See through the net and reach the other side. 2013 is ours to claim. There is no DOUBT we have no time to waste. We must trust in our inherent Rainbow nature.
So YES it is a return of Quetzalquotl. Do not doubt that Mexico will receive the transmissions for Peace. The Eagle and the Condor Prophecy has come to pass, and we must listen and act. It is an act of love for all humanity. Just look at the trees. Feel them and try to see, there is no more time to waste.

AHA! and what Is Serpentbird going to do about the shift???

There will be a Medicine Wheel ceremony in Whetstone Park in Columbus, Ohio for 7 days. The synchronization day will be on Dec 22nd at Noon. Check
on the Galactic Events page.

Shamanic Drumming & Healing in the woods.

Let's face it, you can not learn Shamanic Drumming from books. You CAN learn by experimenting, which can include playing the drum with your hands or with the mallet. So in this entry, I will ONLY be providing you with my own experiences that happened because i was willing to fully listen to my drum and hear what it had to tell me in its personal language of sound. So with these experiences I hope to provide you with INSPIRATION to take up this practice. Your experiences will vary as much as there are species of birds, grasses, trees and flowers! I would advise those light-workers (and/or non-musician) who are not even sure where to start in this process to read the story near the end of the entry. I would also like to recommend that starting ASAP, and with the mindset that there really are no mistakes. It is more about listening to what the drum is telling you to do rather than what you KNOW already or do NOT KNOW already. It is a great way to connect with your inner child because you are tapping into the ALL that IS and fields of INFINITE possibility. You can use drumming as a tool to UNLEARN, rather than LEARN. Meanwhile you will see you have entered a paradox, because as a result of being fully open and not having dire expectations, you WILL THEN LEARN!
Here I will attempt to recount some recent experiences with drumming on a deer skin drum with mallet. However I can also tell a story that happened with my Serpentbird 7 group back sometime in February of 2012.

Most recently, I have moved to Dracut, Massachusetts 30 miles North of Boston. I have been using my drum more often, because I have several pockets of woods around where I live, where I can be alone, and get myself centered and peaceful. I had an intention one day to take the drum out and drum over my own body, to receive guidance from Spirit, or from my guides. I couldn't seem to receive what I was looking for, so I concentrated more so on, getting familiar with the range of sounds I can produce on the deer skin. Within the organic design of walnut stain atop the face of my drum, I can see that there are varying pockets of sound to play. There is a shape on the drum face which resembles a 5 pointed star. As I played that day, I clairsentiently knew that the drum called me to play a rhythm of 5 beats. (I don't even know how to describe this with musician lingo, since I don't claim to play instruments like a classically trained musician.)
I hear sounds from the personality of the drum or perhaps the SPIRIT of the animal connected to this drum. I hear first and then connect to the drum predominantly through my 2nd chakra. AHA! According to Suzanne Bovenizer, The 2nd chakra is where women hold their “Seat of Power”. The belly connects to, self-healing, aspects of Self and communing with the Goddess.
After I connect to the drum by listening to the sound created with my mallet, I put the sound over my body. I scan my body with my eyes closed and use all of my senses then hover the drum over whichever chakra is calling to be healed first. The sound can bounce toward my body and then I can get a mental picture of where there is blockage. I can feel the size of my crown chakra. In this session I learned that my crown's opening and crystal cord is massive! I knew this by playing the drum over my crown, and then I could get a mental picture of a large expanse of white light.
After years of trying so many forms of meditation, perhaps 10 years, I have found nothing like this process of using sound to track and explore the quality and depth, dimention of my chakra system. By using the sound and breath, I can facilitate my own healing. The sound provides clarity on what the state of health is in areas of my body. I can relate this to you as a metaphor. If you beat a drum as it faces toward a small stick, very little sound travels back to you. If you beat the drum as you are facing a large wall you will get more sound bouncing back toward you. It is in this way, that I gather information about the expanse of a chakra. In the case of my crown chakra, I discovered the expanse of light because the sound of the drum "told" me through a mental picture what IS there.
WTF is this thing? Past Life Regression, you may wonder. Shit if i know. Today out of nowhere i had a dreamtime workshop on how to clear unwanted dark energies clouding my auric field and current life path. Apparently an Indian guide wanted to help me figure out a ritual that will help me through the end times we all are facing. Back to the dream in a minute...
(I feel just in the past 24 hours or so, that I am going to be called out to do some major travel during 2012.
I need to be in Arizona, as well as travel up and down the west coast, connecting tribes and perhaps see if i can receive a Karpay rite in the fall, from a Q'ero. More later)

I don't know how the Native man came into the dream, but I was with my partner Crow and we were invited to follow his lead. He was convincing us of something. Crow was apprehensive, but I responded to the elder. I could see television screen in front of me but it worked more like a kiosk, where I could scroll through a sort of Akashic record of all the people I have incarnated as, whether male or female.
I could feel intuitively which names invoked a strong negative energy or not.
I was also inside some kind of protected circle, a medicine wheel perhaps. I just had to know that i was in the protected space. The man behind me was strong and urged me to clear myself. All of the actions I was supposed to do, I had to figure out through ESP from the Native man. I used my finger to scroll through the names in the computer in front of me. It seemed to spin out different lives like the wheel of fortune on the Price is Right.
I could access different pasts as different entities. The man had come to ask me and Crow to clear past conditions. I was the only one to accept. I didn't know how to clear anything, but the man just sat silently and waited for me to figure it out and get the hang of it.
I accessed different names guessing which names seemed most important to clear by intuition. My mom was to my right and my sister was kind of there in spirit just outside this protective circle, and Crow to the left of the television/kiosk. My mother was calling for me to be somewhere at a certain time and was bekoning me away from the scene. I had to firmly say to her that I would NOT be there on time. I had to say that I can choose whether or not I will even make it there or not. I needed the freedom to choose up to the last minute to make the decision.
I used sound and dance and chanting and movement of my body. Mostly kneeling in front of the computer. Crow seemed agitated but curious about it. I couldn't believe I could access the past lives but as I accessed different names and simultaneously moved and spun and writhed around I could use sound to figure out where energies were piling up around my auric field. I wanted to clear! Then some demonic energies started coming out. The indian man had smoke and could create more if i gave him the signal to do it. The smoke surrounded me thickly sometimes and it was protective. I had a lot of negative energy corded heavy in my heart center. I sounded loudly and used my arms to comb the air and sort of chop away the thickness. I bent way forward and then backward (doing a backbend from my knees). I could see my shaman elder behind me he was confident and just sat and waited and used more sage to clear me on cue. During the ritual I think i would tap my 3rd eye to recall things but didn't see anything just feel and release bound entities. I told the man behind me when the dark was going to amp up and he responded with a response of sage smoke coming from his 3rd eye!
I would use sound to amplify the unknown blockage and try to guterally expel the unknown blocks to release them. I woke up from the dream state , my heart raced and i was in fear, my heart raced. I woke up and saw Crow's shirts hanging on the wall. My subconscious thought that it was a large solid black Egyptian sphynx head and I was terrified of it. I was scared of the shirts, until i finally completely came to a waking state.


Tobacco, Down here on Earth.

I headed out of Portland on my black Giant bike. May 16th 2012. I was handed the bike from the bike shop guy, and said..."that's my Lady!" She looked ready to go. I gave it a test run ride, and he gave me a pink helmet. The way he said it made it seem that Pink wouldn't do for my whole bike set-up is black. I thought to myself ... pink not only works, but it sure did work for Madonna back in the day. He gave me that helmet for free. Well yeah the re-assemble job costed $75, so a helmet shouln't be a big deal, but in this shop they were scamming helmets for $100.
I am loaded up with stuff, but everything fit in all my backs and I bungee'd the sleeping bag. I was off for the sunset. I got lost and headed downtown on a huge ass hill. I had to turn around and found Tobacco Town. I picked up a pouch for making prayers, and praises.
I had trouble keeping myself on that bike because my Turtle bag weighed so much. Ooooof. Heavy burden!
I rolled on and stopped at a grocery at the edge of the city, for some tins of tuna, a can opener, and a lemon, and oh yes, a chocolate bar.
SO i had dinner in the parking lot next to a nice little tree, like i had a reserved camp site.
I got back on the road and got sunburned even though i had just bought some sunscreen. I new I would have to find a place to stealth camp under the stars. I passed an amazing bird watching reserve park owned by the National Park system, but alas, I felt that I would get caught there camping after dark.
I rolled on again, and reached a trailer park next to a huge field of tall grass. It was beautiful, and i felt fairly safe there, and hidden enough.
It was the first time I was to use my sleeping bag in cold weather and all the gear with me to stay warm. I managed to stay a lot warmer than I thought I would, and if i would have had a few industrial trash bags i could've avoided the morning frost. In the evening a huge hawk flew near me and perched on the phone poll. I couldn't sense any message with it, but I felt his energy and it was a fearful and bold energy.
It was almost tedious for me to be out in a field with nothing to do, after being so busy with a city lifestyle. I watched the wind blow through the tree-tops and it kept me mystified for a long while. Then the show of stars. I was aligned directly underneath the big dipper.
My flu had come on strong that night, and the bug was not kind to my mental state whatsoever. I kept drinking lemon water, and eating pink Himalayan Salt. I didn't plan for that to be medicine for the road, but it was such a blessing.
I felt like calling Crow from my cell phone which was odd in the middle of my self imposed camping challenge, but i was fading fast.
No luck in reaching him. SO i waited for the stars and hoped that I could ponder things and let mystery fill me with the positivity I needed.
The morning came, I packed up and hoped I could reach Salem in one day. I have never been so confused on bike trip directions before! Shit, this is crazy, every road in Oregon has 3 names! A highway name, an "in town" name and another one, just for the shit of it.
I found another grocery after riding a while, and honed in on my favorite grocery here yet, Fred Meyer. Man that Tomato bisque soup hit my soul and my flu symptoms so well!
I sat in the Starbucks/grocery nook for a while and charged up my phone so i could use my cell phone map guidance. Seems so.... NOT primitive at all.
I passed the route I would have taken to Champoeg state park to head onto Salem instead and stay with another couchsurfer there. I found myself clinging to civilization for good comforts and nurturing so i could get well. On the way past the entrance to the park (which had a bike route that cut through to Eugene) I saw a DEAD wolf at the side of the road with his bold bluish brown eyes open. YEeeeah right, that's why I am not going there to camp. I have no idea what I am getting into here in Oregon. I have guts, but really finding out that I am more of a girl scout than the ancient warrior of the past.
More than that, I am really a child of the city. I thought that i was fighting the beasts of waste and environmental hazards, but now I find that I can't possibly do things without my tribe anymore.
Tomorrow is the big day. I will be rewarded with vision. Preparations have been made by me using the cities portals of light, to help me amplify my meditation on what exactly I should be doing this next week or so of "riding the miles".
Yesterday was perhaps more amazing then previous days. With bright sun, baking my sides it seemed...inside and out. I let myself be clay and get molded.
In the morning, my hosts on the SE part of Portland drove me to Sellwood. I was treated with such, care, as Matt helped me with my extra bags up the back stairs, to John's place.
Another day of meeting new faces, and sorting encoded information.
I was shown a new apartment just as light and open as the last, but even more calm. I set everything down and headed out for some walking. I hunted around for a good coffee place where I could perhaps get away with doing some readings. Coffee happened; readings did not. But first I had found a bench in full sun by the high bank of the Willamette River. My subconscious tells me that if the Olentangy in Columbus can give me Poetry, then the Willemmette can give me the key to True Power. I know that soon this river and I will be spending a lot of time together. I know the inevitable is coming. This means facing the bike shop dramas tomorrow and then tomorrow night, starting the Quest. As I spent time on the high bank, I saw lots of Crows, and heard their caws. I saw the bikers riding around in the distance, sailing over what must be my route to come.
Really my only fears are being cold, and trying to covertly camp outside. That's it. I know i can ride 100 or so miles. So I stopped at this bench to come to realize what i can through meditation. I sang just to use some sound for healing, and I went into relaxation.
I wandered the neighborhood more in search of another coffee shop that would let me do some work, but again it seemed like I was beating a dead horse.
So I filed past an elite new age grocery, perused some aisles and then headed back out, and was drawn to a bridge. I entertained myself by singing "proud mary" but without the full lyrics because I am just so damn bad at remembering lyrics!
Soon I found a pocket park by the river, which happened to be host to one of my least favorite of animals...DOGS.
But people were so incredibly happy here, and the long wooden dock out to the river allowed me to have peace and separation from a potential run-in with some slobber or drool.
I baked and baked in the sunlight. I sniffed the warm, clean air. I took in a day of just enjoying being fully unemployed.
I headed toward "home" but was reluctant to head there after receiving the BirdTRIBE signal. The BirdTRIBE signal is a mudra. (if you need a definition of mudra, check Google.)
This mudra is a new sign that has come to me spontaneously just before having my going away party for me and the Serpentbird 7 in Columbus.
It is an energy that comes into form in my hands. To me this energy signifies hope and power in numbers, as well as communion with like minded spirits, who are advancing the energies on the planet. (Also said as, raising the vibration).
I knew that one more visit to the New Age shop down the street could be a good idea. So after seeing the meditation sign out front, that i hadn't noticed earlier in the day, i decided this was PRIME time.
I went in and was greeted by Catia, who was wearing some large wooden spiral earplugs. She was a delight, and really enjoyed hearing a bit about my new adventures. She offered to make me tea. First though i need to explain the real meat and bones of what this whole blog is about. I got a significant confirmation about really being called to Eugene as my home base. People I meet in Portland have been so friendly, and further, are trying to keep me here. They say...wait well, there is a fest next week, or are you going to be here Thursday, etc.
So have been feeling uneasy about whether Eugene is going to be good enough. I have never been there in my life, so i won't know till i feel the vibe, or give it a chance to offer the opportunities.
SO then, while in Essential Elements, in front of the huge crystal/gem and jewel case, and under a large circular mural on the ceiling, i get an etheric blast of warm grounding air woosh down through my column and bust down and around my legs. This is a new air, energy that i am not accustomed to feeling. It wants me to be with it though and that is exciting. no more worries right?
Well yes...i needed to pre-visualize my mission.
After another hour just hanging out at the shop, finally... Joey arrives.
Joey is a sweet buddha-like man, who comes to share his meditation.
We head down to the basement and a group of meditators arrive. I am not opposed to the technique of "no thought" but really I needed to go journeying. It was dark and cool in the basement, with murals and lots of positive energy. We had a few candles lit and in the corner, an annoying lamp emmitting a plastic-blue light.
I closed my eyes and followed his words for a way to bring myself deeper, but all i did was let my immagination play on. AND ON. So it went, I saw the river and a big midnight blue sky with pinprickly stars of white throughout.
I saw myself, not feeling alone, but being empowered with feeling. With water-emotion, with new channels of energy opening. I felt my brain healing and the hemispheres of it fusing together.
I felt my left brain especially soften, and noticed that that side feels like it has an old crust, and new lava was about to reform it on the journey ahead and smooth it out. I saw myself with a fresh pack of Tobacco, and a new strength to go within.
Perhaps our greatest modern fear. I continued to carve out the old baggage from chakras with an imaginary ivory blade.
I saw all the negative worries and how they could taunt me and then be squelched again by the peace of the river and it's gift of wisdom. I felt my right hand open up like a cup or a human paw, and i could almost feel my native guide hold energy right in it.
I saw myself making prayers for the people, animals and experiences. I saw myself creating rituals (or remembering some) with tobacco and a shell. I felt such power within the release of the pain. The pain was just letting go and feeling Real; not good or bad. I knew that this was just the beginning of lots of new poetry about "Black and White" metaphors. (My white eye balls piercing through the dark of night). On and on it could go. Finding my message. Finding new ways of using emotion to reach people. Finding emotion itself and the mechanics of it.
The events quickly turned, as i left the last couchsurfer's home up on the hill. I went downtown, and three people called me at once. One of them, my new couch hosts, who was on his way to meet me at 5th and Jefferson in Portland. At last i was in an extended comfort zone, that had musical breathing room. Being subjected to the same old classic rock tunes during the last 24 hours put me into a melancholy mode. Really Portlanders? (was Tom Petty the best you could do?) Now riding in a green toyota with a red-bearded fellow, on the way across the river and to the land of infinite possiblity zone. Computer usage, in the sound recording room, soy candle wafting sweet smells, a button-cute Kali cooking ameri-mexi flavors. A newly wed couple shares their story about which will soon embark on the same kind of free wheeling 2012 leaping snake-shedding tour. For them it will be swimming the land with their music.
I have found myself in the middle of bliss. Good food, good conversation and apartment zen.
After the meal with a variety of 5 different hot sauces on the table, we sat downtown again in the swankiest movie theater i have ever been in... "The Living Room".
This place is modern and squuuueaky clean. It's swank, with full bar and sexy sultry jazz band back in the corner. Nine dollars.
Bob Marley on the big screen is now in my face, and i am gripped with a mocha fantastic grin, fli=ying over the sweet green covered hills of Jamaica. Yes I WAS flying, along with the fantastic airplane shots of the countrysides. I see the Door of No return in Africa, where the slaves, were as it clearly states, were never to return. I felt my heart center ripping open with it ALL. My belly emo center spinning and churning, and steaming the coals.
I found this room to be holding me in a kind of space, that i have been making for others these past 6 months or more, with the Serpentbird 7 and our Medicine Wheels.
Here i was watching the master, leaping around the entire planet with his yin and yang blood black and white messages of peace. It's just a baffling thing to wonder, why there are so few of "these" (types) as he was. So much burning, so much unstoppable-ness.
It's on and on...doors of mystery he walked through. The nature of his devotion to God, and the use of music to transmute the evil in his life and the world was so great.
You can't help wanting the music to be in your own self after seeing that kind of light.
The next day....
I can't decide which part of this huge metro i want to traverse, and perhaps tear into.
The sun is burning up the day pretty early in the day, compared to my first two here. I grab my Turtle bag and opt for the Saturday market. Animal Medicine Cards, and colorful scarves. I just wondered what the chances were i could be the messenger today.
After another cute little home-made breakfasts from my hosts, i thought the least i could do is score some organic greens to bring back to the land of I.P.
So i spot the people from Greenpeace and steer past their neon hair, because of my budget. I take a photo of a spread of Morel mushrooms that i had seen outside of a biology textbook. ---MORE LATER
So I had to call on my inner strength to feel that I could not only make a small profit on the lawn in the midst of the farmers market, but have confidence in my abilities.
I set myself down next to a tall tree and a juggler. Butterfly hankercheif, and my alpaca scarf, made a table. A white crystal for the center, silk colored scarf on my head, and then heads were turning. I took out my trusty carnelian mala and began chanting Tara mantras and simultaneously chanted repeatedly..."I am the Hawk". I asked in prayer for a person who needs my messages.
Not more than ten minutes brought me a silver haired woman. She asked what it was that i do, and i said that i can help her identify her inner powers through animal medicines. I explained my pricings, but she wasn't budging. She was joyful and light in spirit though, so we talked for a bit. I decided to make one last suggestion, and she went for a 5 card Butterfly spread.
A half an hour or more brought us through the wheel, and by the end we both had experienced tears. We had a kinship in the need for high knowledge and close communion with Spirit. I explained to her that this year there is a real need for people to go travel to new places and spread their light around. It is difficult to paint with my words, so I will paraphrase it. She had Dolphin medicine that needed to be awakened. Sound healing, and a need to find her own voice. She had Eagle medicine, which required an extra layer of peeling away her own small "self" and surrendering even deeper into Spirit. She had the Hummingbird which requires opening to love. This is where the water wall came through. She needed to do all of the things/lessons that she said she already knew. Although she was older and perhaps wiser, I had to remain strong in my gut feelings to tell her to revisit everything with more intensity. I knew her Spirit quest, and i knew the level of near insanity it requires. This time she just needed to have more receptivity and perhaps (at my suggestion) a brand new crystal singing bowl. I came out of it knowing that I helped deliver some real breakthroughs, and i hoped she would go home and plan a totally insane journey to new and far off places.
AND why Peace Pilgrim? Well, my new friend that i "read" for gave me a book about Peace Pilgrim called Steps Toward Inner Peace. This little booklet is one i believed most cherished on the planet by women mmmm maybe in their 60's. She was a prophet; a seeker. She walked more than 25,000 miles across North America etc etc. As you can read in her book. And i mention it just to add that out of all journey-ers i have heard of in history, she truly must have been one of the few women on the planet to rise up and out of babylon so successfully. Peace ...a monumental thing to instill among the insane and within ourselves.



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